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FIMP Training Topics

Training is a necessary piece of every effective Guest Services ministry.


FIMP MInistries provides a variety of topics for your consideration.  These topics can be mixed and matched to arrive at just the right combination for the unique needs of your church scenario.


Contact Roger Graves with your questions.

Guest Sensitive Handouts: A Model

We call them bulletins, programs, worship guides, and announcement sheets. In reality, they are all that and sometimes LESS when it comes to the guest.


What does experience suggest will be helpful in creating a positive first impression with guests when it comes to those handouts?


Here is a model to assist churches in putting together a Guest Sensitive Handout suitable for use on Sunday morning.  The rationale for the model appears in the Blog posts with the title Guest Sensitive Handout: A Model.

Ministry Action Planning Form

The Ministry Action Planning form is a tool to assist churches in putting together a specific and detailed document that will guide the church in the implementation of its strategic thinking.  


Download this form and make as many copies as you need for your planning group working through FIMP MInistries Reports and recommendations.

Childcare Impressions

Childcare may well be the only First Impression that matters for some parents.

The Laws of FIMP

"What are the Laws of FIMP?" you ask.


Certain guiding principles for acceptable guest interactions at church.

"First IMPressions matter!"  So says FIMP.


Here is an example:   A church guest's impressions are your reality!

FIMP Ministries Blogs

Practical Tips and Insights to Improve the Guest Experience! 

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