The Greeting Hour (I mean Time)

Okay, it is not really an hour; but the hyperbole makes a point: the Greeting Time can be an uncomfortably L O N G period of time for a guest making a first visit in a church worship service. Does that surprise you? It might! Many churches assume the Greeting Time to be a positive experience for the guest – demonstrating warmth and fellowship – that affirms the welcome and hospitality of the church. And so the whole congregation is invited to “greet your neighbor,” and

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The first visit that a guest is likely to make to your church is a virtual visit via the web. It is easier that way! The time and energy required to make an actual visit and face-down the daunting challenge of walking into a church for the first time is offset by their simple, private, and painless process of searching the web for the church’s website to see what they can find out – whether the church is going to match up with their expectations – in a hassle free environme

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