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The View is Amazing

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Who could have ever guessed that a I would be writing a blog on a new ministry website sitting in Colorado Springs, CO on this day in 2016? It is a long and winding road that leads to this place. To say the least, it has been eventful.

I might have dreamed of launching a new ministry to utilize my skills and passions to engage churches and move the business of the kingdom forward. But it was a dream... one of those way out there dreams that seemed only narrowly possible.

Of course, I couldn't have predicted the turn of events that brought this whole thing to pass. They happened; the juices were stirred! Along the way, seeds for a consulting ministry were planted. Some of those seeds managed to germinate and survive, despite not getting a whole lot of help from me.

And now, after much consultation, prayer, and deliberation, here I am writing to say, "Let's do this thing."

FIMP (First Impressions) Ministries launches with the goal of "assisting churches improve the guest experience."

From this vantage point, the view is amazing! I am hoping to come alongside churches, provide helpful attention with Guest Services and see good things happening for churches as they better welcome and retain guests.


Oh, did I mention? This is not without its challenges. Please pray for wisdom, patience, and gentleness. Pray for relationships to form and partnerships to move forward for expanded ministry.

Look for the upcoming blogs. Blogs will be coming regularly in the future with tips and insights gleaned from experience as a Sunday morning church guest. You are welcome to enjoy the ride with me!

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