Retaining Easter Sunday Guests

When is Easter this year? Unlike other holidays with fixed dates on the calendar, e.g., Christmas Day on December 25 every year, Easter moves around. This year, by the way, Easter day is April 16. Now, that we have that covered, let’s get back to the question itself: “when is Easter this year?” When ministry leaders ask the question, not uncommonly, a destination date (call it a goal date) is in mind. April 16, Easter Day this year, is the destination of lots of planning a

The Greeting Hour (I mean Time)

Okay, it is not really an hour; but the hyperbole makes a point: the Greeting Time can be an uncomfortably L O N G period of time for a guest making a first visit in a church worship service. Does that surprise you? It might! Many churches assume the Greeting Time to be a positive experience for the guest – demonstrating warmth and fellowship – that affirms the welcome and hospitality of the church. And so the whole congregation is invited to “greet your neighbor,” and

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