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The Ten Foot Rule

Retail stores across America are staring down the challenge churches face every Sunday. Wanting their customers to experience a friendly, helpful, and responsive environment, stores have intentionally stepped up with some strategies. You have seen some of them with official greeters at the store entrance; you probably have entered the convenience store to a shout of “Good morning.” You may have encountered the restaurant manager making his way from table to table greeting gue

Exit Strategy

How long does it take for a guest to get from the last Amen to the Car which takes him home? My guess is that it is shorter than you think. I have timed some exits from church services and found a surprisingly small amount of time passes from the closing of the worship service to the point at which I am putting myself in the driver’s seat of my car. Are you thinking 10-12 minutes? Try 2-4. First-time guests, given no reason, are not likely to linger. They will head for the

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