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"Assisting Churches Improve the Guest Experience"

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Guests show up at churches all across America and each Sunday, at an alarming rate, they disappear.  As many as 85% of them simply don't come back.  


There is a reason:  Many churches are not leaving good impressions with their guests; worse yet, many of those same churches don't even know it.


FIMP Ministries aims to fix that problem by assisting churches to improve the guest experience through onsite visits, expert training, practical insights and resources.


Led by Roger Graves, a 40 year veteran of church and ministry, FIMP Ministries offers competent, considerate, and caring attention while bringing focus and clarity to a full range of considerations in the church guest experience.



FIMP Ministries offers three valuable services, each of which can improve the guest services of a local church:


1) A FIMP Ministries representative will make himself a guest at your church, i.e., see what guests see, hear what guests hear...have the guest experience, with the caveat that he will then report back to the church what the experience was like.


2) A variety of training options  (online and onsite for teams, groups, churches and associations) are available on a broad range of topics that can enhance the church guest experience.


3) Resources such as guides, articles, upcoming ebooks, and tools are available for download and purchase that will assist a church in engaging, welcoming, and retaining first-time guests.


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